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aTube Catcher can download videos from YouTube for offline viewing. In addition, it supports hundreds of websites like Vimeo or Dailymotion, and is also used to download audio files

  • License: Free
  • Updated: Jan 10th, 2018
  • Version: 3.8.9325
  • Language: English
  • O.S.: Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP

aTube Catcher settings

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aTube Catchet settings

Do you want to configure aTube Catcher? The settings of this program are very useful and will allow you to download videos from YouTube the way you like.

It’s always a good idea to explore the settings in order to make a program run properly, and aTube Catcher is no exception.

Configure the general settings

Once you run aTube Catcher, just open the Tools menu and click on General Settings. Then, you’ll find four sections:

1. General

aTube Catcher general settings

This first tab is where you must go to choose whether aTube Catcher will run on the background (minimize to system tray), remember the last file extension, hide the “paste test link” menu or show the task dialog after every download. Also, here you can delete all the temporal files created by aTube Catcher, clear the recent links or clear your stored login data.

2. Network

aTube Catcher settings - network

The second field covers everything related to the connection of the program to the network. For example, you can specify that a download is topped in case you don’t receive any data after a certain time, as well as configure a proxy to identify aTube Catcher as if it was a real browser (something useful when a website doesn’t allow to download its content).

3. Default Applications

aTube Catcher settings - default applications

aTube Catcher is able to interact with other programs, such as a multimedia player or a browser. By default, aTube Catcher will open the same default application indicated by Windows, but you can change that easily and chose another one.

To do this, simply specify the path to the application you want to use on the field Video Player or Web Browser, respectively.

4. Folders

aTube Catcher settings - Folder

Finally, the section Folders is where you can customize the location of the videos downloaded with aTube Catcher, as well as the path where the temporary files will be stored.

Video downloader options

This is everything you need to know about aTube Catcher settings, but we are not finished yet. If you want to customize the way the program handles the download of online videos, you just have to open the Downloader tab (on the main screen) and click over Settings.

video downloader options - aTube Catcher

This way, you’ll be able to chose if the sources will be kept after conversion, enable turbo download, set the number of active downloads or shutdown the PC automatically after all the tasks are completed, among other options.

Now, you are ready to download online videos with aTube Catcher and enjoy them offline!