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aTube Catcher can download videos from YouTube for offline viewing. In addition, it supports hundreds of websites like Vimeo or Dailymotion, and is also used to download audio files

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  • Updated: Jan 10th, 2018
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How to download videos from youtube

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How to download videos from youtube

Download videos from YouTube

To download videos from YouTube (or any other video website) so you can watch them offline there is no need to be an expert. All it takes is using a program like aTube Catcher and let it handle everything automatically.

This way, saving videos from YouTube is simpler than ever, as well as with sites like Vimeo or DailyMotion, among others.

Best of all: it’s not only possible to download any video after pasting its URL into aTube Catcher, but also to convert them to the format we want to use, so every file plays smoothly no matter the device we use. And even more: you won’t need to pay anything to download videos, as aTube Catcher is 100% free.

Save videos and watch them offline

Once you've finished downloading aTube Catcher and the installation has finished, just open the program for the first time and you will see a screen with some of the options used in this application. In this particular case (to save videos for offline viewing on a PC), just clic on Download Videos and the interface will jump directly in the convenient section.

Next, just go to YouTube and search the video you want to download, copy its URL and paste it into the filed video URL of aTube Catcher.

In case you don’t want to customize anything else, just hit the Download button and the download process will begin. Then, you can choose your favorite version of the video, as YouTube stores several formats with different quality and sizes.

Anyway, in the Output field you can choose to convert the downloaded video or not to another format. Just pick the preferred extension (avi, mkv, mp4, flv…) as well as the device you will use to watch that video (smartphone, iPad, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Wii, Apple TV...).

Moreover, if you just want to extract the audio file from a video in YouTube, that option is also available.

All this features turns Tube Catcher into the most powerfull tool to download videos from YouTube and from other online sources, trouble-free and at no additional cost.